Essential oil bliss balls

Dry ingredients 50g almonds 50g shredded coconut 10g cacao or cocoa powder (or leave out for the coconut lemon variation) 1 tsp maca powder 1 pinch vanilla powder 1 pinch sea salt 10g collagen hydrolysate (optional) – exclude for vegan option 10g of protein powder (I used pea protein powder) or 20g if not using […]

Easter treats – chocolate and hot cross muffins

Easter is just around the corner and I for one enjoy this time of the year almost as much as Christmas. In Australia we are lucky enough to have 2 public holidays so it’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family and it’s usually perfect camping weather. A tradition we had as a […]

Flavoured Coconut Milk and Berry Easy Chia Puddings

These 2 recipes, like so many others of mine, are super easy to make and healthy. These 2 recipes are also bound to please adults and children alike. First up is flavoured coconut milk. I have used berries to flavour this version but feel free to add flavours of your choice, such suggestions are vanilla […]

Its never to late for Easter treats.

Including Chocolate… yes sugar free, dairy free chocolate. Because I haven’t yet built up a collection of my own sweet treats, I’m going to share some recipes from others bloggers. I haven’t tried and tested them all so be sure to let me know how they rate. But remember that no matter how good they are, […]