Happy Valentines

Valentines day is literally just around the corner and whether you consider it to be a commercial holiday in which Hallmark and Haighs profit greatly or if you celebrate with bunches of flowers, chocolates, fancy dinner dates and weekends away there is no denying that if your in a relationship its nice to take time out of our busy schedule and spend some quality time with your significant other (be that on Valentines Day or another time)…. and hopefully your not just making this a priority one day of the year.

And if your not in a relationship thats no excuse not to show a little love and celebrate and appreciate the wonderful being that you are. Fancy treating yourself to a massage, mani and pedi, buy and admire your own bunch or flowers or just take time out and do something that you really enjoy.

I’d love to hear (in the comments below) what you are doing to celebrate the day and appreciate the loved one (or yourself) in your life. I’ll probably be soaking up some sunshine on the beach with my hunny after a lazy brunch together or hitting the trails for a bit of well overdue mountain biking with a picnic lunch spent at the lookout where we got engaged. Bliss.

Much love xx


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