Have a healthy happy Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas I have already shared with you a few of my favourite Christmas recipes and today I will be sharing some tips to have a healthy Christmas.

Typically its that time of the year where we all (ok most) tend to over indulge but just because its Christmas time doesn’t mean that we should top off a filling main meal with half a Christmas pudding, three serves of ice cream and a litre of eggnog. And then there are leftovers for the next 2 days so that’s ‘gotta be eaten’ and not to mention all the pre-Christmas events that you ‘have to attend’ and ‘have to drink champagne’.

Stay healthy this Christmas with the following tips.

  • To avoid one day blurring into 4 weeks, plan when/if you will indulge and focus on consciously eating healthy in the lead up to and after your celebrations.
  • Start Christmas day with a light but filling breakfast containing healthy fats and proteins instead of simple carbohydrates. Green smoothies are a great option especially in summer or eggs with sautéed greens if your expecting a white Christmas. Click here for my favourite green smoothie recipe and for extra protein add a free range raw egg or 1 tbsp. of gelatin.
  • I talked about this point in last year Christmas post but its still just as important, know your non-compromise foods. This is especially important if, like me, you have food allergies and/or an autoimmune condition and the consequences of eating certain foods is quite dangerous. Big allergy offenders are typically gluten, dairy, fructose, corn, nuts or seafood. Know your NO foods and stick to it.
  • That being said if your not allergic to gluten or sensitive to fructose for example and eating the Christmas pudding (that your Grandma makes once a year) is worth the bloating that you may experience afterwards then go for it. Just be aware of the consequences.
  • Support digestion (and detoxification) by starting your day with a glass of warm water and the juice of half a lemon or 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (ACV). You can also drink 1 – 2 tsp of ACV with 1/4 cup of warm water just before a heavy meal to help stimulate the stomach acid to break down your food. In addition you can serve a side of fermented vegetables and eat a couple of tablespoons of it with your first few mouthfuls of your meal.

2014-06-05 11.10.37

  • Hydrate… with water. It will be a Warm Chrissy this year in Adelaide so ensure that you have plenty of water on hand and if your feeling  tad hungry, first have a glass of water, as thirst is often confused as hunger. If you struggle to drink water, give it a flavor boost by adding slices of fresh fruit (berries, lemon, lime and cucumber are delicious and refreshing) and alternate with kombucha spritzers (half kombucha, half soda water) or iced herbal teas. Herbal teas can also support digestion and fend off sugar cravings.
  • If drinking alcohol then choose wisely. Vodka, gin (check to make sure its not grain based) and some rums are your healthiest spirits and can be combined with low/no sugar mixers like kombucha or soda water with a squeeze of lime (or a drop of food grade citrus essential oil). Or enjoy a glass (or 2) of dryer styles of wine like pinot noir or sauvignon blanc. Have St Marys Thistle and Vit. B supplements on hand to support detoxification the following day if you go a little overboard.
  • If your not hosting, share the love by taking a plate of something healthy to share like a salad and a healthier dessert. Then if the supplied options are very limited you won’t go hungry. I know someone who love dessert but often can’t eat typical restaurant dessert so always packs some dairy free dark chocolate in her handbag when going out for dinner so that she doesn’t feel left out when everyone else is ordering dessert.
  • Incorporate fitness into your day. So many gyms are available 24/7 these days so you can hit the gym if you want but there are also plenty of workouts that can be done at home (or at a park) without any equipment. Alternatively encourage the family to all go for a walk after Christmas dinner (bonus – it will help digestion), play a game of backyard cricket and if there are kids there, keep them away from TV screens and get involved in a game of hide and seek or tag (bonus – they’ll sleep better).
  • Get back on track. If you have been eating clean for a while now but decide ‘stuff it, I’m going to eat and drink anything I want on Christmas day (hello stretch pants)’, then just remember that Christmas day is just that.. one day, so aim to get back on track the following day.
  • And most importantly HAVE FUN and enjoy each others company.


Merry Christmas


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