Christmas recipes revisted

With the lead up to Christmas well under way I want to share a few Christmas(y) recipes with you. I will be sharing with you the recipes that I posted this time last year, the recipes that I have been creating and taking along to family festive catch ups this year and a few favourites from fellow bloggers.

First up I’ll leave you with this Christmas pudding recipe. My mum made this last year and I absolutely loved it, best Christmas pudding ever. Its rich so you don’t need much and is suitable for people following a GAPS, paleo, gluten free and dairy free diet. It is very dried fruit dense so if you follow a low FODMAPS diet then give this one a miss.


And here is my fig and chocolate rum ball recipe. To be honest I haven’t made these since and looking back at these I can’t help but think ‘far out rum overload’. Personally I would probably tweak this recipe and change up the flavors a little bit.

Alternatively for an even simpler bliss ball recipe that is super easy to adjust, you may prefer these 3 ingredient bliss balls.

Stay tuned because on Monday, in time for you to add them to your Christmas menu, I will be sharing my recipes for a carrot ‘chilli’ and my choc mint matcha slice. These recipes are both raw (no baking required) and perfect for a warm summer Christmas.



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