Christmas gift guide

I can’t believe that Christmas is less then 2 weeks away… crazy. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking ‘where has this year gone?’. Mind you I think that every year :-).

Hopefully if you do give gifts for Christmas then you are well under way with your Christmas shopping… I don’t know about you but personally I have no intention of braving the malls on Christmas Eve for any last minute gifts.

I have to admit that I have it pretty easy when it comes to Christmas gifts so really have nothing to complain about. For me Christmas is much more about the time spend with family than giving and receiving a truckload of gifts. My immediate family partakes in Kris Kringle so we only have to buy a gift for one other person and its fun because its completely random (although we work it out in the end) and then we choose to buy (or make) gifts for a few other people that regularly give gifts.

However for some families gift giving is a big and important tradition so I wanted to share some gift ideas just in case you are all out of ideas. And bonus.. most of these gifts can be bought online, over the phone or made in the comfort of your own home so you can avoid the crowds of the mall.


Ranging from the more deluxe to the humble homemade card that says a thousand words

  • The ultimate kitchen tool that the whole family will benefit from, a Thermomix. While its a little late for the Thermomix to arrive in time for Christmas day, your consultant will be able to set you up with a card or cookbook to let that special someone know that their Thermomix is on its way.


  • A box filled with goodies from GoodnessMe Box. Great way for them to sample food that they wouldn’t normally buy. The boxes often include discount vouchers for other purchases also.


  • For the yogi or gym junkie within. Active wear or accessories are likely to be welcomed with open arms alternatively a voucher to try a new experience is a great option for someone wanting to include something new and challenging (like Cross fit or Bikram).
  • Essential oils the gift that will continue to uplift moods and provide joy and peace to the user well into the new year.


  • Cookbooks. Some of my favourites are Heal your Gut by Lee Holmes, Simplicious by Sarah Wilson, Nourish by Lorna Jane and The Happy Cookbook by Lola Berry.
  • To help manage stress, practice gratitude and inner peace then an audio meditation could be the way to go.
  • An online health or fitness program. What you get will depend on what the recipitents goals or needs are but here are some suggestion


  • Donate the money that you would have spent on a gift to a charity and let the would be gift receiving know that you have done this. You can buy a goat for a family in need through Oxfam Unwrapped, or sponsor a child or project through Agape in Action.


  • The low / no cost gifts. Something that you can make yourself and add a personal touch can often means more to other people than material possessions. Some that I am going with this year is homemade almond biscotti and lip balms that contain essential oils.


  • Vouchers. I recall giving little booklets of voucher to family in the past for birthdays or mothers day. Tokens can be redeemed for a free back massage, car wash, breakfast in bed, invite around for a home cooked meal, pampering afternoon in the comfort of your own home, you name it. This is a great gift for kids to give parents. I think this also makes children realise how much the other person does for them which is a gift of gratitude in itself.
  • A well written card or even better frame it so that the other person can display it somewhere listing things that you value or are grateful for about the other person.
  • Make up a pack of cards with inspirational quotes or strengths on them.
  • And finally you may decide as a family not to purchase gifts for each other and instead focus on quality time together or pitch in to hire a home away from home for a few days where you can all stay and enjoy (or put up with haha) each others company.


Whatever you have planned for your Christmas, I hope you all have an absolutely fabulous time :-). I will be bringing you a few Christmas recipes over the coming week and then taking a break to put my feat up, relax, reflect on the year that has been and read a good book.



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