Top Tip Tuesday – Non Toxic Car Air Fresheners

Today’s Top Tip is a smelly one (good smelly :-)) and relates to having a nice smelling car without using toxic air fresheners. I had heard of these tips a while ago but it wasn’t until last weekend that I actually tried it out after being reminded of one of these by the lovely Louisa G at an essential oil event.

TOP TIP Tuesday

Keeping your car smelling fresh without stinky toxic air fresheners is easy with these 2 simple ideas.

  • Place a small wooden peg in your air vents and place a couple of drops of essential oil onto it. This works with the air vents on or off.


  • Get a small clay disc or pendant (as shown below), drop a few drops of essential oil onto the clay allowing the oil to absorb and then place in your car. This method has great staying power and you can position the clay disc where you need it whether that be hanging behind the head rest, from the mirror or in the center console.

il_570xN.834388887_780mImage courtesy of and pendant available at Soul Inspired Ceramics.

I find that most of the time 2 drops is sufficient for the peg and about 6 for the clay disc but depending on the brand of oil you are using (or how smelly your car is) you may need more. The oil that you use is totally up to you but some are probably suited to this use much more than others (i.e. oregano is one to avoid). Uplifting oils such as peppermint or citrus are ideal, or a balancing blend if your prone to road rage or a protective blend to help keep colds and flu’s away.



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