Top Tip Tuesday – reducing food wastage part 2

This weeks Top Tip Tuesday follows on from last weeks post on Reducing Food Wastage. Which if you haven’t read it already you can do so here.

TOP TIP Tuesday

Tip – Plan your meals

If you plan your meals chances are you will only buy what is needed and you will avoid impulse purchases (unless if your shopping when hungry – don’t do that if you can help it). If your buying for just one or two people you may want to plan your meals to use similar ingredients. I.e. if your buying a cauliflower and are only cooking for one person you can make cauliflower rice one night to go with a curry, make extra for lunch, use cauliflower mash to top a shepherd pie or roast the cauliflower florets with a little salt, coconut oil and a sprinkle of your favorite spice.

Tip – Utilise your freezer

Did you know that a full freezer is more economical then one containing only a couple of items? Well that’s what I’ve heard anyone. Combine today’s two tips by setting aside a couple of hours of meals planning a week to chop / prep meat and vegetables and then freeze them so that you just need to take them out of the freezer the day of (or the night before) you require them. Some vegetables can be frozen as it and others you may want to par-cook them before freezing and meat can be chopped and frozen in a marinade. Not only will this tip reduce food wastage because the food that might get chucked out after a couple of days because they are no longer fresh will last longer in the freezer but you will also save time and dishes because the chopping is already done.


On that note, I had so many homegrown tomatoes early this year to the point I was giving away bags of them and selling some at the local market. It was at the markets one morning that someone told me that you can freeze fresh tomatoes for use in cooking. So I froze tomatoes in ziplock bags (see image below) weighing 500g each and have since been using them when cooking stews that call for canned tomatoes and adding them to a fry pan when making a cooked breakfast.


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