Top Tip Tuesday – reducing food wastage

Hi lovelies.

I hope you have been having a great week so far. This week for Top Tip Tuesday I will be drawing upon some advise from one of my favourite sustainable living, hater of food wastage and jar recycling blogger and author. You may know her for her I Quit Sugar empire and more recently for her new book, Simplicious (one that I am still yet to purchase but have heard great reviews for).

If you haven’t yet worked out who I’m talking about, its Sarah Willson.

TOP TIP Tuesday

As I’ve already mentioned, Sarah is hugely passionate about reducing the amount of food we waste even if it means approaching diners and rescuing fish carcasses and unfinished butter portions from their plates. While that might seem a little extreme for some, there are plenty of ways that you can reduce the amount of food that you waste in your own home and I’ll touch upon a couple today and share another couple with you next Tuesday.

Tip – Don’t buy so much food.

Sounds too simple but did you know that approximately one third of the food that consumers buy get thrown out? By simply buying less and shopping more often (if needed) your less likely to fill your fridge with items that get lost at the back of the fridge.

Tip – Use the less popular bits

A lot of people I know will buy a head of broccoli or cauliflower, use the florets and then chuck the rest. Gah don’t do that. The stalks of the broccoli and cauli fry up nicely in a stir fry or add them to stock with other leftover veggie scraps, simmer until soft and puree for an easy soup. In the same way, instead of chucking the leaves from the bunch of beetroot you buy, you can sautee them (as you would with spinach or silverbeet) and make soup with them. See Sarah’s site here for some great recipes that use beet leaves.


Beet leaves also double as a bouquet :-). Image from


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