Top Tip Tuesday – Exercise Clothes

TOP TIP Tuesday

Today’s Top Tip Tuesday is an Exercise related tip, especially for ACTIVE OCTOBER. Psst if your not on board with Active October yet, check out this post and be sure you are following me on Instagram. Be sure to share with your fit friends, tag me @simply_nourishing and hashtag #activeOctober so I can check out your progress.


Ok for the Tip.

There are so many benefits of exercising in the morning including feeling recharged for the rest of the day and if your like me there is more chance it will get done then because life gets in the way in the afternoon…. excuses, excuses.

To get up and get moving first thing, without daudling for an hour, keep your exercise clothes and shoes next to your bed so that you see them and can change into them as you roll (or jump) out of bed. Sure you can still make yourself that lemon water and pack your lunch before you workout if you want.

Also make it easy… if your working out at home or at a nearby park, have your water bottle, house key and ipod ready to go and if your going to the gym, make sure your gym bag, including work clothes if your going to work from the gym, are packed the night before.

If working out in the morning is a struggle for you, try this tip and let me know if you find it helpful.


P.s. do you have any exercise or health tips that you would like to share? Comment below and I can share them on an upcoming Top Tip Tuesday post.


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