Top Tip Tuesday – Using Thermomix Lid to Avoid Spills

TOP TIP Tuesday

This week on Top Tip Tuesday I am bringing you another helpful Thermomix Tip. Do you hate pouring liquid (i.e. stock, soup, jams) into jars only to have some of it spill over your bench creating a sticky, wasteful mess? I know that I do so when I discovered that the lid of the Thermomix to the perfect size to fit over jars that I use for freezing stock and soup in I was pretty excited. Seriously what haven’t Vorwerk thought of with this machine?

I’ve used this method of pouring liquid with a number of different sized jars that I reuse. For example the Rice Malt Syrup jar below is a pretty standard size but it also fits over the lids of pasta sauce jar, small curry paste jars and tall narrow passata jars. If you end up spilling liquid on the lid you can just tip the liquids from the lid into the jar when your done and then put the lid in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


Happy cooking thermomixers



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