Top Tip Tuesday – Camping

Welcome to the second week of Simply Nourishing’s Top Tip Tuesday. This week I am bring you a camping tip (plus a few bonuses). These are some that have made our camping experiences much easier.

Copy of TOP TIP Tuesday

Set aside your camping gear.
Instead of packing everything into the car as you think of it, set all your camping gear aside to start with. You are less likely to forget something that you think you’ve already packed and means that you won’t have to unpack the whole car/trailer when you realise that there is no way your swag is going to fit.

Pack with the destination in mind.
If you are staying at a camp site briefly on the way to your destination then ideally pack the items that you will need for that one night within easy reach so that you dont have unpack (and repack) the whole car. In the same manner it can help to have a small night bag with your essential toiletries, a change of clothes and PJs so that you dont need to rummage through a suitcase.

Precook and freeze a couple of meals.
I do this for most of our camping trips now especially if we go away for more than a couple of nights. Usually it consists of a big batch of curry that either includes lots of veggies or that I can easily add veggies to and a couple of serves of rice or quinoa. I then freeze these so that when we pack our food they also act as ice bricks until we get a bag of ice and they slowly defrost in the ice box for an easy dinner. When we’re ready for dinner all I need to do is reheat the curry and rice in one saucepan/frypan & add veggies saving on prep time and dishes. Other options might include pre cutting veggies and making big salads keeping in mind how long these will stay fresh.

Keep those odds and ends organised.
Isn’t it annoying when you want a fork and can’t find it? Perhaps its fallen in the dirt or misplaced amongst the box of cooking stuff. Whatever the case may be, its so much easier to find things when they have a designated place. My husband has modified a 1200x500mm toolbox with dividers making it great to keep things organised. Picnic bag with cutlery, plates, cups etc in one section with non perishable food, helmets in another, toilet paper, portable solar panel, you get the picture. The toolbox doubles as a table or kitchen bench while away and it protects the contents from getting dusty or wet.

Another great storage idea that I saw recently was this shoe organiser for those odds and ends. Easy to hang up and can be rolled up for easy storage while driving.

What camping tips do you suggest? Just leave a comment below, I look forward to reading your suggestions.


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