Top Tip Tuesday

Hi there 🙂

Hope everyone is well. I was going to start this new segment just on my Facebook page (which if you haven’t liked my page you totally should) but decided to share it with more people via my blog also. As you may have gathered by the title, the segment is called ‘Top Tip Tuesday’, where I will be sharing 1 health, fitness, or thermomix tip each week.

TOP TIP Tuesday

This week’s tip is for my fellow Thermomix owners and to be owners.

Occasionally I hear stories of people pouring liquid into their thermomix because they have forgotten to reassemble the mixing bowl after giving it a thorough wash. I have found that with most dishes I am able to clean the mixing bowl without disassembling it but if I do take the mixing bowl apart I give the base a quick rinse and hang it on one of the arms while the blades and bowl are set aside to dry. I physically have to move the base before putting the mixing bowl in position reminding me to reassemble the bowl, blade and base.


What do you think of this new blog segment?

Will you find this week tip useful?

And do you have tips that you would like to share? Please comment below or email your tip to for the opportunity to have your tip featured on my blog.



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