Eating healthy while travelling

Do you eat super clean at home but the thought of going out for a meal or traveling away from home for more than 2 hours heightens your levels of anxiety. Or do you leave the clean eating at home on holidays because it’s all too hard and just eat ‘whatever’ and wonder why your energy levels are flagging? I don’t know about you but when I’m on holidays or traveling in general… actually all the time I want to feel my best. And this includes choosing nourishing meals even when I’m out of the comfort of my own kitchen.

So how do you do this and is it really as easy as it sounds? Well I just happen to be on holidays at the moment (a long awaited holiday) so I’ll be providing some examples from my own holiday to show you just how do-able it is.

First up. What is your mode of transport to get to your destination?

In the case of road tripping it can be pretty easy to prepare food in advance and pack an Esky/cooler bag or stop at markets along the way. Things like raw veggie sticks are easy to snack on, crackers, a salad in a container, hot meal in a thermos or even meat and veg that you could cook up if you pull over at a picnic area with a BBQ are some examples. Just be aware of crossing state borders as some areas restrict the transport of raw fruit and vegetables.

In the case of this short holiday we flew by plane which meant that I didn’t have room for an Esky. I had plans to pack a small cooler bag with a few essential items though such as homemade sauerkraut, a couple of jars of bone broth, some coconut oil and a snack of bliss balls, almonds and carrot sticks for the plane. As it turned out I was already just exceeding my carry-on luggage (and I hadn’t booked checked baggage) so I didn’t want to push the limits any further and have to explain the excess luggage. So in the end all I packed was some bliss balls in a container in my handbag which I was grateful to have on hand when our flight was delayed by 3 hours and the airport food options were very limited (and ridiculously overpriced).

A long haul flight would be a different story. Some airlines are pretty good and supply quite a range of meals (my last international flight offered all sorts including raw, vegetarian and gluten free) to suit dietary requirements how ever it pays to search the airlines website for more info or give them a call. Most airlines will allow you to take a wide range of food on board (even international flights) providing you consume it before you land. This means that you can pack your own healthy meal. For peace of mind I have travelled internationally with a letter from my Doctor stating that I had celiac disease. I have never been asked to present it but I would rather not be asked to chuck it out or explain my situation. Some easy to transport options include nuts and seeds, fruit, avocado and pre made salads, tinned tuna, homemade muffins and saurekraut. Some flights will restrict the inclusion of meat and fish and have limits on how much liquid so check their website for details before you go.


I keep a couple of teabags in my handbag and when I’m on the plane just ask for a mug of hot water. This is me trying not to spill my tea while experiencing a bumpy flight.

Next up -what about when you reach your destination?

What do you do to stay healthy while traveling? Please share your tips and experiences in the comments below or on my Facebook page.



One thought on “Eating healthy while travelling

  1. Great tips. It’s so tough to keep healthy while traveling. On long haul flights, I usually just pack some nuts when not flying Business Class. It makes me not starve, while still staying healthy to some degree.

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