Cancer Awareness

Most people that know me will probably know that I lost my Dad to Bowel Cancer when I was in my early teens. A few years later I lost my Nanna to a brain tumor and an Aunty was diagnosed with breast cancer. These days it is likely that everyone has been affected by cancer in some way or another, whether they’ve suffered with it them self or lost a friend or family member to it. As a result of being touched by cancer I’m really passionate about increasing peoples awareness of the disease (es) and making dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce my risk.

There are a couple of things that I want to encourage readers to get involved in to increase their awareness and to share with others. The first is this FREE online event called The Quest For The Cures which is a series of documentaries where doctors, scientists and survivors are interviewed. The video for day 1 has just been released and I am eager to hear what the speakers have to say as they come from a more holistic approach. One thing that shocked me while listening to the first video was that Doctors receive next to none nutrition information while they are studying and its generally only those with a greater interest in the nutrition that go on to increase their understanding to help their patients. Personally I recall when I was seeing GP’s years ago for a number of complaints, not once was I asked about my diet. Rather they were more eager to give me a script and get me out the door. Thankfully I know this isn’t the case with all doctors but it seems to happen more often then not.

Anyway to hear this documentary and more, signed up for The Quest For The Cures here.



In addition to The Quest For The Cures event, Asbestos Awareness Week kicks off tomorrow so over the course of the week I will be sharing links about Mesothelioma* (a deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos) on my social media sites, Facebook and Instagram.

*For more information:

The info graphic below shows statistics related to the US, however Australia isn’t far behind with the second highest rates of mesothelioma deaths. Thankfully asbestos and products containing asbestos have been banned for use in Australia since December 2003 however building material prior to that date may contain asbestos. For homes build before 1990 chances are the asbestos is not contained to asbestos cement sheeting on walls, it may also be present in vinyl floor tiles, wall and roof sheeting, chimney flues, electrical meter boards, weatherboard cladding, wood heater insulation, lagging on hot water pipes, in shed and garages. Scary right.

Our risk of asbestos can be increased when exposed to loose asbestos fibers. As a result those at the greatest risk tend to be people in the building industry (construction, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and insulation) when renovating, grinding, etc. If you are planning on getting asbestos removed from your home, please use a professional and make sure that appropriate protective gear is worn if you are likely to be exposed.


For more information


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