Easter treats – chocolate and hot cross muffins

Easter is just around the corner and I for one enjoy this time of the year almost as much as Christmas. In Australia we are lucky enough to have 2 public holidays so it’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family and it’s usually perfect camping weather.

A tradition we had as a family growing up and again over the last few years is to have an Easter egg hunt (yes some of us will never grow us but can you blame us). Since the old folks have owned their farm, my step dad has taken pride in creating complex riddles and clues that send us grown up kids trekking around the farm for hours confused and bewildered as to what half (or more) of the clues actually mean. The incentive is always finding an array of Easter chocolates and spending an afternoon together.

You could check out my Easter recipe post from last year but this year I decided that I couldn’t let Easter roll by without sharing a couple of Easter recipes of my own, namely chocolate and Hot Cross Buns. Feel free to make the chocolate in egg molds so that’s it’s a little more ‘Easter-y’ but please leave don’t use these chocolates for an Easter hunt as they will melt quickly outside of the fridge/freezer and you will end up with a melted chocolaty mess.

Basic raw chocolate


Hot cross buns (muffins)


Enjoy and Merry Easter,



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