Wellness Family Summit


Hi readers. You may have noticed that I promoted this event last week on my facebook page but I just wanted to share it again with anyone that may not have seen it or if yet to get on board and register for this great FREE event that kicks off today. I don’t have children myself but I will definitely be checking out as many of these talks as I can because I know that there is plenty to be gained regardless of what stage of life you are at. Check out the information below (copied from Katie the Wellness Mama) and click here to register or here if you wish to purchase to listen to at a later date.

For the first time in centuries, the current generation of children is expected to have a SHORTER life expectancy than their parents did. We are seeing record rates of obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune problems and things appear to only be getting worse.

Our children’s future isn’t as bright as it could (and should) be, but we can still change that. The Wellness Family Summit brings together the world’s top experts in physical, emotion, mental and environmental health to provide practical and real advice for improving the health of our families and our children for years to come.

The Wellness Family Summit will address things like:

  • How to get your family to eat real food without complaining
  • How to fit nutrient dense foods in to a tight budget without breaking the bank
  • Getting rid of the most common household chemicals and what to use instead
  • How to start making your own personal care products to save money and avoid chemicals
  • The gut/brain connection and how diet affects behavior
  • Foods to help kids concentrate
  • Natural remedies for eczema and skin conditions
  • Ways to improve your own memory and help your children learn faster
  • Tricks for teaching kids new skills and material (including spelling, math and remembering names)
  • “healthy” foods that could still be causing health issues for your family
  • How to support the body in dealing with autoimmune disease
  • If Gluten is really that bad or if it is ok in moderation
  • Why you may still be a failing at your healthy lifestyle, even if you really want to make changes

The Wellness Family Summit will give you the resources to:

  • Create a healthier lifestyle for yourself or your family
  • Cook and eat real, nourishing foods on a budget (and get your family to eat them too)
  • Detox your home and improve your indoor environment
  • Improve your sleep quality and reduce stress levels
  • Learn new skills in a fraction of the time
  • Figure out the best foods for your own body and your family
  • Give your children a healthier foundation for life
  • Balance hormones and have more energy
  • So much more

So to avoid missing out on this awesome informative FREE event, be sure to register.


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