Active October

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (you should hehe), then you would have seen me posting stuff about Active October. After gaining a bit of interest from people that joined me for Sugar Free September, I have decided to run an Active October event. I want to apologise that it is a little (ok very) last minute but there really isn’t much preparation required so what is stopping you from getting on board?


The rules are easy. Just decide on a SMART fitness goal that you want to achieve this October and outline action steps that you want to take to achieve your goals. Then share it with me and others on Facebook or in the comments below so that we can hold you accountable. Just by putting your goals out to the universe, you increase your chances of achieving those goals. Why? Because most of us are much better at keeping promising to other people then ourselves. Remember to build your goals on your physical capabilities. If you are new to exercise it may be advisable to discuss this with your doctor.


To keep it fun and interactive download the following image and share your images with me on Instagram


Exercise isn’t meant to be a chore so have fun with it and don’t forget to check out my post ‘Are you goals SMART?’


In health,



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