Sugar Free September – Week 2 Update

This post is coming to you a couple of days later then planned so my apologies. I spent the weekend hiking and brunching with friends, getting my garden ready to plant some veggies and soaking up a little too much sun watching hubby race. Needless to say I was quite content to spend the weekend away from my computer. As always the weekend wasn’t long enough but I hope you all enjoyed it and are feeling recharged for the week ahead. Ok now on to the main event.


Two weeks into Sugar Free September and you could say that I’ve hit the sweet spot. Towards the end of the first week I was quite tired, my skin broke out and I woke up a couple of mornings with a headache but pretty much from day 8 til now, I’ve felt great every day :-). I don’t have boundless energy but definitely more than the previous few weeks. Other than the increase in energy levels, other changes I have noticed are


  • I have been sleeping much better (I’ve always been a light sleeper)
  • I feel better upon waking (instead of feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck)
  • My skin has started clearing up, just a few pesky spots
  • My teeth don’t have that furry feel that you get when you have sugar
  • No mouth ulcers which I always seem to get when I over do the sugar
  • My moods and emotions seem better (maybe ask my husband)
  • I feel happier overall
  • I’m more clear headed (less brain fog)
  • Don’t get the mid-day and afternoon slump that many co-workers complain of
  • Naturally sweet foods like berries, carrots and coconut butter sort out any cravings
  • No bloating or uncomfortable digestive symptoms
  • I feel more toned even though the scales haven’t moved
  • And I’m been enjoying plenty of tasty meals


I have heard great feedback from heaps of people doing the program with results similar to my own plus effortless weight loss but unfortunately it hasn’t been smooth sailing for everyone involved. So for those of you struggling with low energy please refer to my Q&A’s and remember that it does take time to rid the sugar from your system and even longer if you have had slip ups (whether planned or accidental). Even my Sugar Free journey hasn’t been without its mistakes. Some of you already know that I went out for dinner on day 5 to a Thai restaurant and despite ordering what I thought would be a pretty safe option of fresh basil prawn and vegetable stir fry, it still came out with a sweet sauce. I still ate the meal but avoided (most of) the sauce and let it be a reminder to be careful when eating out.


I should also share that I follow a gluten free, casein free diet and eat few processed foods so if it’s taking longer for you to feel better, maybe consider limiting your intake of some of the following foods; Dairy or Casein, Soy, Peanuts, Vegetable Oils, Gluten and Wheat as these can all play havoc on your digestive system. I’m not saying you have to cut them all out completely but perhaps pay attention to how many of those foods you are consuming (on their own and in packaged food) and mindfully reduce them.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask away and don’t forget to check out my latest recipe posts and last weeks Sugar Free September update in the meantime

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

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Beetroot Hummus

Sugar Free September – Week 1 Update and Meals


Enjoy your week.




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