Flavoured Coconut Milk and Berry Easy Chia Puddings

These 2 recipes, like so many others of mine, are super easy to make and healthy. These 2 recipes are also bound to please adults and children alike. First up is flavoured coconut milk. I have used berries to flavour this version but feel free to add flavours of your choice, such suggestions are vanilla […]

Seed Crackers

After trying seeds crackers at Adelaide’s Paleo Cafe and realising how tasty they were and how few ingredients they contained, I knew I had to make some. The crackers that I tried contained psyllium husks to bind the ingredients together however I have used linseeds instead. Next time perhaps I’ll try making them with psyllium […]

A lemon (water) a day, keeps the Doctor away

Let me start by saying that my husband isn’t totally on board with this whole ‘real food movement’ (don’t get me wrong, he gets it, but loves his bread, pasta & chocolate way too much) but one thing that he is on board with is lemon water. He swears that lemon water is the reason […]