Book review: Optimal Health the Paleo Way by Claire Yates

This post is the first of many book reviews that I will be bringing you. Not all at once though, give me some time to get through them.


I’d heard great things about the book, Optimal Health the Paleo way from other lovers of Paleo but wasn’t in a rush to buy it because I had other books at home that I hadn’t finished reading. However when I found out that my library could get a copy of this book, I put it on hold and in a couple of weeks, had it in my dry callused hands.


Within no time I knew what everyone was on about with their recommendations. This book is an easy to read book that doesn’t complicate Paleo with scientific terms. Claire covers a range of topics from why certain foods are excluding from a Paleo diet, how hormones and stress can affect your wellbeing to the importance of gut health, sleep and more sleep. While she includes a 28 day reset protocol in her book, the aim of this is to detox the body by eliminating problematic foods for 4 weeks and then slowly introducing one food at a time to discover what foods you can handle in order to personalise your OWN paleo plan.  


Claire uses helpful analogise throughout the book including Weed, Seed and Feed that emphasises the importance of getting rid of problematic foods, planting the right nutrients to reduce inflammation and heal the gut lining, supplementing with probiotics to increase the good bugs and finally continuing with an anti-inflammatory diet rich in fermented foods.


To top it off, this book is complete with a variety of delicious, easy to prepare recipes. I haven’t tried them all but definitely recommend the ginger biscuits… they taste amazing and are super quick and easy to make.


This is a book that I would recommend to anyone interested in starting a Paleo diet or someone that is on the real food journey wanting some more basic information.


The author Claire Yates is an Nutritional Medicine Practitioner from Australia who runs her own private practice. For more information about Claire, her business, where to buy her book and more yummy recipes, check out


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