Its never to late for Easter treats.

Including Chocolate… yes sugar free, dairy free chocolate.

Because I haven’t yet built up a collection of my own sweet treats, I’m going to share some recipes from others bloggers. I haven’t tried and tested them all so be sure to let me know how they rate. But remember that no matter how good they are, please still treat them as just that, treats.

Many of these are Paleo and can be made Vegan with a few adaptions.


Sugar free homemade chocolate from I Quit Sugar with Sarah Wilson. These are so quick and easy to whip up and easy to modify. I’ve made the dark chocolate and dipped dried apricots in it, made coconut rough with shredded coconut and rosewater essence and added orange essence to another batch for Jaffa inspired chocolate. I tend to use heart shaped silicon molds for these.


If your not a fan of chocolaty chocolate (but who isn’t.. actually I know 3 people that not only aren’t fans of chocolate but don’t like it.. shock horror), then there is a White chocolate (vanilla) version in the above recipe.


If your not a fan of adding vegetables to your sweet treats (like I am.. seriously the more the better), then these are the chocolate brownies for you.


That being said this Paleo beetroot cake might change your mind about vegetables in sweet treats. This one tastes as good as it sounds plus it loaded with the goodness and earthy sweetness of beetroot.


Can’t celebrate Easter without hot cross buns? Well then you better try these Paleo hot cross buns from the Merry maker sisters. Trust me these girls know there paleo desserts. Try them warm with grass fed butter.


These Superfood chocolate bunnies are packed with the goodness of cacao butter, cacao powder and goji berries (plus a little rice malt syrup to sweeten the deal) and no crap added.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Easter is associated with bunnies (will someone explained to me why?), bunnies eat carrots, therefore carrot cake is an Easter treat, right? Carrot cake is the bomb and these carrot cake cupcakes really hit the spot. Not too sweet and a lovely array of spices. Enjoy with or without the frosting.


And finally a raw express chocolate mousse. The creamy texture comes from the bananas and avocado and I believe it could double as chocolate ice cream (similar to my soft serve banana ice cream) if you freeze the bananas before adding to the blender.


Thats all for now folks. Enjoy the rest of your Easter



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