Whole 30 update – Weeks 3 and 4

Week 3

Red flags… I really started to slip up at the beginning of week 3. My biggest slip up occurred while making choc cake for Hubby. I usually make paleo muffins that I pack for his morning tea but this time I purposely made a cake containing gluten so that I wouldn’t eat it. But out of habit, when I finished stirring the sugar, cacao, butter & water mixture, I licked the spoon (Umm… definitely not allowed). I immediately poured the mixture into a bowl and washed the saucepan and spoon so that I wouldn’t do it again. Later that arvo I had a headache and felt really exhausted. Whether that was a reaction to the sugar or simply from a disturbed nights sleep, ill never know but headless to say, it was enough to encourage me to stay away from the sugar. The following day I was so exhausted that I almost felt hangover. The most energy I had all day was about 10pm when I getting ready to go to bed.

I know that my slip up is likely to have halted my Whole 30 progress and I feel terrible about it and if I didn’t have social plans the day after I finish (where I don’t want to be pedantic), then I would consider extending my Whole 30 by 2 weeks. Following consultation of the Whole 9 forum, I have concluded that a restart would be ideal but not absolutely necessary because it was an accident and such a small amount.

Later in the week my energy levels were low, I wasn’t feeling hungry and think I even caught a stomach bug that was going around. When that happens I try and consume cups of homemade beef or chicken stock, well cooked veggies and meat and I limit fruit and nuts until I’m feeling better. That seemed to do the trick as within a couple of days I had my energy back, was sleeping better and exercising.

Continuing on from last week, I’m still snacking but now it tends to be limited to times when I’ve been been unprepared with meals.


Week 4

I’m finishing up my Whole 30 now and it seems to hard to believe its nearly over.

By week four I actually felt like I was in control.. I was making better food choices even when limited time wise and when out with friends. I snacked less as i’m feeling more satisfied after meals. I may have a few nuts or bit of fruit after a meal but haven’t been picking at food every couple of hours. I’m finding it much easier to resist eating when I’m mot hungry (i.e. if offered something at work) but find its trickier at home when I don’t have as much structure in my day.

While I had a couple of late nights over the weekend, I made a conscious effort to be in bed before 10pm week nights. This was a success, most nights I was in bed by 9.30pm and even though I’m now waking earlier (5.30-6am) Im waking up feeling more refreshed. It also gives me a chance to get more done in the morning. I even managed to fit a couple of 6am workouts in during the week which helped me kick start the day on a high. And because I was up so early… by the time 9pm rolled around I was definitely ready for bed.

Stayed tuned for a blog post about the benefits and challenges that I experienced over the course of this Whole 30.



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