Whole 30 update – Weeks 1 and 2

Hi Fellow Whole 30’ers,

So I’m quite behind in the Whole 30 update side of things. So this week I owe you 2 weekly updates… lucky you :-). As a result this is quite a lengthy post.

Week 1: All going well for the most part however there are two areas that I have been struggling/lazy with. The first is that I have been snacking too regularly, probably because my main meals haven’t been big enough, and this is quite often on fruit and nuts. The second was that despite the snacking I haven’t paid much attention to planning (correct proportions of protein & carbs) pre and post workout meals. I didn’t think this was of high importance, however I was reading forum posts on the Whole 9 which really emphasised the importance of them. I also noticed that on some days my performance at the gym was really lacking and this may have been preventable with a pre work out meal.

I had a couple of accidental slip ups later in the week on day 6 and 7. On day 6, I was roasting chicken and veggies including white potatoes for hubby. Out of habit when the potatoes were done parboiling, I took a bite out of a piece to make sure it was done. I realised immediately, didn’t have anymore and was grateful it was only potato, which I seem to tolerate pretty well. I later checked the Whole 9 forum for advise and these posts were among those I found were…
White potatoes are part of the nightshade family so some people react to that. The reason they are excluded from the program is primarily because of the way they are viewed in our society as chips and fries etc. I have no problem including potato in my post-w30 life but I try not to use that as justification for buying chips and fries all the time. More that if I get them in my CSA I eat them happily. They are not as nutrient dense as other vegetables but they are not devoid of nutrients either. I’m not sure they really have a sugar dragon component – but I don’t struggle with the sugar dragon. I struggle with the crispy salty dragon thus why I have to be careful with the chips/fries.

White potatoes are banned, yes, but the only problem they are causing is taking up room on your plate that could otherwise be occupied by more nutrient-dense food.  It was an accident, so if it were me, I’d brush it off and just keep on doing my thing. 

So because it was an accident and I don’t have a ‘crispy salty dragon’ to fight I will be taking the advice of the posts and brushing it off.
My next possible slip up was the following day. I had eaten well all day, skipped the gym (because my muscles were aching from cross fit) and instead went for a drive to pick blackberries and walk the dog. We ended up being out late so just picked up a roast chook on our way home and ate that with salad. I didn’t think anything of it but the next morning woke up at 4.30am with a guts ache. I checked the packet that the chicken came in just in case there was a seasoning on the chicken but there were no ingredients listed. May have slipped, may not have but I avoided eating anymore of the chicken skin just in case.
Here are some snaps of some of my meals enjoyed (weeks 1 and 2)
Week 2: I started the week off with a visit to the new Paleo Cafe for brunch before heading off to spend the weekend camping with friends. I had packed most of our food for the weekend but had planned on stopping on the way to pick up some fresh food. However by the time we got to the last town with a supermarket, they had just closed. Luckily we got by with what I’d packed even if it meant, to Mick’s disappointment, no bacon for breakfast. Our camping meals consisted of sautéed vegetables, eggs and mince for breakfast, chicken, steak and vegetables cooked on the BBQ and salad. We also had some mixed nuts, goji berries, shredded coconut and grapes for when everyone else was snacking on ice creams, cheese and crackers and chocolate. I didn’t feel deprived until Sunday afternoon when everyone else was eating ice creams and all I felt like was something sweet. The grapes had all been eaten and the carrot that I was snacking on just didn’t compare. So I ended up eating a big handful of sultanas, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and shortly after felt bloated and uncomfortable… Not worth it. It was a great weekend, however I came home quite sleep deprived and it took a while to catch up.
The few days following were quite busy with long days at work, fiends round for dinner and then dinner with extended family. When we had friends around we served bacon wrapped chicken thighs with roast vegetables followed by berries and ice cream for dessert. I skipped on the bacon (just in case it contained sugar) and had berries with coconut milk. Dinner with the relies was assorted curries (all Whole 30 compliant), rice, salad, wine and dessert. It was easy to avoid the wine and rice and I had a peach and rooibis tea instead of dessert.
This week I have been eating bigger meals with added fats, snacking less and including pre and or post workout meals when I’ve been to the gym. My workouts have been short and sweet consisting of a mix of cardio and strength training. When I have done strength training,I have been lifting heavier but doing less reps.
One thing I really need to prioritise is my sleep. I have been going to sleep easily and feel like I’m sleeping solidly through the night but not waking up refreshed. Most nights I’ve been getting about 7 hours of sleep (maybe less last weekend) so if I go to bed earlier, hopefully I’ll get a full 8 hours. Wouldn’t that be nice :-).
Stay tuned for my week 3 update and stay nourished.

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