Whole 30 Day 1

Day one 

Wow day one of the whole 30 has snuck up on me. I felt like I was ready for it, especially after an indulgent weekend however when I calculated the days (because I’m starting a couple of days early) and realised that today was the day, I secretly wished that I’d finished the block of rum and raisin dark chocolate.

I struggled to wake up, still catching up on some Zzzz’s from the weekend, but felt good after a hot water and lemon. Breakfast was a couple of eggs, kale & carrot sautéed in coconut oil. My packed snack and lunch were a basic salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber and carrot) drizzled with olive oil, a boiled egg, 2 roast chicken thighs and an apple. Dinner will be grass fed beef Bolognese with zucchini noodles.

So far I’m feeling good but then again there have been no drastic changes to my diet so far. I think my biggest challenge will be cutting out the mindless snacking.
Day one (no kidding around this time)
Ok false alarm… despite my good choices yesterday I realised late afternoon (after I had written yesterdays report) that I was a day ahead of myself and I didn’t actually have to start until today. So what did I do, I decided to make banana and blackberry paleo muffins along with paleo savoury ham, cheese and vegetable muffins for Mick knowing that I would eat some of the mixture while making them. I also used the ‘I don’t start until tomorrow’ excuse to finish off the brown rice in the fridge along with some homemade banana and cashew cream that contained maple syrup while making dinner.

That night I went to bed bloated and headachy and woke with a gut ache, feeling worse than I have for a long time. It was definitely self-inflicted but I guess it makes for a good comparative to how I’ll feel once the benefits of the whole 30 kick in.

I slept solidly but woke at 6am to my alarm going off, turned that one off and dozed until 7am. Once dressed for work I started making breakfast even though I wasn’t hungry. By the time my eggs were cooked, I was running late so scooped my sautéed kale, carrot & eggs into a container to eat later at work. My packed lunch was lettuce, carrot and cucumber drizzled with olive oil, sliced roast beef and an apple. I will be going out for dinner shortly after my workout so I haven’t planned a pre or post work out meal. I have a feeling that my meals options at the restaurant will be limited to grilled fish or steak without any sauces and with a side of salad. 

Late night update: Indeed at the restaurant my options were steak or fish so I went with the grilled fish and asked for a side of steamed vegetables and some olive oil instead of the roast potatoes. It also came with a side salad which was had a creamy dressing on it but I drained the dressing of and replaced it with olive oil and ate and ate what I could of it. The meal was surprisingly good and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. It goes to show that despite so many food groups being limited, its still possibly to dine out. 

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