Keeping a food diary?

As previously mentioned in my Whole 30 blog, it is not recommended, nor necessary to weigh foods or count calories in order to achieve results while following a Whole 30. However If your a planner like myself and like to keep lists (and more lists), make the connection between food and symptoms, and need a reminder to balance fats, protein and carbs, then I would suggest keeping a food diary. I’m not the best at balancing my meals, I may have a tin of sardines or  wild caught salmon with a large plate of vegetables but forget to add extra healthy fats so by keeping a food diary, I can plan in advance to drizzle olive oil  over my salad. It also acts as a family meal planner, reminding me to get meat out of the freezer, buy another cauliflower and ensure that we aren’t eating beef  every night.

The Whole9 website offers a meal planning template to follow which you can access here, but as a rough guide it involves eating 3 meals a day each consisting of

  • 1-2 palm sized serves of protein
  • Rest of the plate filled with vegetables (mostly low starch)
  • The occasional handful serve of fruit
  • And a good dose of healthy fats: 1-2 thumb sized serves of oil/butter, 1-2 handfuls shredded coconut, 1 handful nuts or seeds, avocado or coconut milk.

These meals should be big enough so that you don’t need to snack between meals, however if you are working out you can add in the pre and post work out meals.

  • The Pre WO meal, eaten 15-75 minutes before working out, should be easy to digest and include 1/2 serve of protein and 1/2 serve of fat.
  • The Post WO meal, eaten within 30 minutes of working out, should include a meal serve of protein and some carb dense vegetables (the amount depends on the intensity of your exercise), and little or no fat.



To help you track your food intake you can download a copy of my food diary PDF. I have supplied a space for you to record any notes that you wish, along with a few examples.



Not long now before we start, I’d love to know how are you feeling about it. Personally I’m pretty excited 🙂 and am looking forward to making (and eating) yummy Whole 30 approved meals and seeing/feeling great results.

Have a great week.



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